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Acorn Stump Grinding is proud to bring affordable and professional tree stump grinding to St Marys, Kingsland, and the Camden County area. Our stump removal equipment is more maneuverable and not as wide as many other models, meaning we can get to those hard to reach stumps that others can’t – we can fit through any gate at least 36 inches wide.


Every stump is different, and we like to give you a fair price for the work required to remove *your* tree stumps, so please call us to schedule a quick and easy free consultation and estimate: ‪912-342-0678

The three major factors that can affect our pricing are:

Number of Stumps
» We offer a multi-stump discount – the more stumps you have for us, the cheaper your per-stump cost will be

Stump Height
» Taller stumps will increase cost

Stump Diameter
» Wider stumps will increase cost

Tree Roots
» Trees with root systems that spread widely on the surface will increase cost

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Stump Grinding FAQs

Q: What is Stump Grinding?
Stump grinding is a fast, effective, and affordable method for removing tree stumps from your yard, without leaving a large hole in the ground or causing any damage.

Q: Why shouldn’t I rent a stump grinder and do it myself?
Many stump grinder rentals aren’t large enough to effectively remove larger stumps. Also, a professional knows how to stay safe while operating the grinding equipment. Lastly, it is much faster and simpler to pay for a professional. Stump grinding is cheaper than you might think, call us to get a free estimate!

Q: Why should I choose Acorn?
We offer fair prices, quick and efficient service, and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work. We specialize in stump grinding specifically, so you know we’ll get the job done right.

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